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Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-12-16-5986-Auction for the disposal of textile spares & miscellaneous Items-5-Dec-16 (7 Items)
2. FW-12-16-5995-Auction for the disposal of Pre Treatement Tanks @ Sriperumpudur-5-Dec-16 (1 Items)
3. FW-12-16-6005-Auction for the disposal of Regular production available at Hosur-5-Dec-16 (25 Items)
4. FW-12-16-6006-Auction for the disposal of One time Disposal- available at Hosur-5-Dec-16 (15 Items)
5. FW-12-16-6009-Auction for the disposal of Scrap Items @Rjy/Kadiam-5-Dec-16 (5 Items)
6. FW-12-16-6010-Auction for the disposal of Scrap @ Rajahmundry/Kadiyam-5-Dec-16 (2 Items)
7. FW-12-16-6011-Auction for the disposal of MS Solid, Turning-Boring Scrap available at Manesar-5-Dec-16 (2 Items)
8. FW-12-16-5989-Auction for the disposal of , Ladder Tower, Tractor, Crane, Cycle, Batteries, Fasteners, Electrical goods and Earthing Material etc available at Gujarat, WB and Odisha-6-Dec-16 (24 Items)
9. FW-12-16-5998-Auction for the disposal of Assets-6-Dec-16 (1 Items)
10. FW-12-16-5999-Auction for the disposal of Scrap@various Locations-6-Dec-16 (8 Items)
11. FW-12-16-6013-Auction for the disposal of MS Solid, Rejected Components and Boring Turning Scrap available at Pant Nagar and Rurdrapur-7-Dec-16 (4 Items)
12. FW-12-16-6016-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium,steel Scrap materials, canteen items and demolition of shed @ Various Locations-7-Dec-16 (1 Items)
13. FW-12-16-6007-Auction for the disposal of Unused Relays available at Poonamalle, Chennai-8-Dec-16 (1 Items)
14. FW-12-16-6015-Auction for the disposal of Paper and Carton Scrap, Drums (PVC & Iron), MS Scrap, Garbage, Wood, Alum and Iron Scrap, Polythene, Copper Scrap, available at Lucknow-8-Dec-16 (11 Items)
15. FW-12-16-5997-Auction for the disposal of Wires & Cables Division available at Coimbatore-9-Dec-16 (8 Items)
16. FW-12-16-6014-Auction for the disposal of Cotton Comber Noils, Cotton Flat Strips @ Madurai & Ambasamuthiram-9-Dec-16 (3 Items)
17. FW-12-16-6012-Auction for the disposal of Machinery/Assets/Plant available at Vasai-12-Dec-16 (3 Items)




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