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Pl. Register by paying Rs.5,750 /- Infavor of TVS ELECTRONICS LIMITED towards annual subscription - Contact No- +91 9884929344 /9787953076 "Blanking line,Indexing machine & EOT crane available in Ford for disposal contact +91 9940282228"

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Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-2-17-6194-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap, Etc-24-Feb-17 (9 Items)
2. FW-2-17-6195-Auction for the disposal of Used oil & Barrel-24-Feb-17 (2 Items)
3. FW-2-17-6203-Auction for the disposal of scrap items at Bhilai,Raipur(Chattisgarh).-24-Feb-17 (20 Items)
4. FW-2-17-6205-Auction for the disposal of Passenger Lift - Schindler Make available at New Delhi-24-Feb-17 (1 Items)
5. FW-2-17-6207-Auction for the disposal of MS Punching, CRCA, MS Boring, various production scrap materials ( 1month contract) available at Hosur-24-Feb-17 (8 Items)
6. FW-2-17-6211-Auction for the disposal of various items lying at DIndugul-24-Feb-17 (9 Items)
7. FW-2-17-6218-Auction for the disposal of Empty Steel Cable Drum Scrap-24-Feb-17 (1 Items)
8. FW-2-17-6191-Auction for the disposal of unused items available at Hubli-27-Feb-17 (4 Items)
9. FW-2-17-6204-Auction for the disposal of MS Trimming Scrap, Scrap Cut Wheels/Disc/RIM etc available at Bawal, Haryana-27-Feb-17 (1 Items)
10. FW-2-17-6214-Auction for the disposal of Ms Boring(3 Months Contract Auction (Contract Valid From 01/March/2017 to 31/May/2017)-27-Feb-17 (1 Items)
11. FW-2-17-6208-Auction for the disposal of Scrap available at Pune-28-Feb-17 (1 Items)
12. FW-2-17-6212-Auction for the disposal of Tyres, Batteries & Crane @ Oragadam,Chennai-28-Feb-17 (29 Items)
13. FW-2-17-6217-Auction for the disposal of Carton Box scrap,CI Bore scrap, Melting Scrap ,MS Bore Scrap, Rubbish,SS Scrap,Wooden Scrap (Rate Contract)-28-Feb-17 (7 Items)
14. FW-3-17-6176-Auction for the disposal of Scraps-1-Mar-17 (10 Items)
15. FW-3-17-6188-Auction for the disposal of Confiscated Vehicles @ Pondy-2-Mar-17 (16 Items)
16. FW-3-17-6210-Auction for the disposal of Dismantling Rubbish-2-Mar-17 (1 Items)
17. FW-3-17-6213-Auction for the disposal of EXHAUST FAN & MOUNTABLE FRAME @ Kalol(Gujarat)-2-Mar-17 (3 Items)
18. FW-3-17-6209-Auction for the disposal of Condemned Tractor (Contact: Horticulture Wing)-6-Mar-17 (1 Items)
19. FW-3-17-6196-Auction for the disposal of Machinery Scraps-7-Mar-17 (1 Items)




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