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2000 MT Scrapped Tyres per month
Mr. RK. Balaram - 9940011423
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Unused Door Fitting for sale -
Mr. D.Jackson Jayaraj - 9600003288
Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-11-15-4968-Auction for the disposal of Refrigerator, AC's @ Hyderabad-28-Nov-15 (8 Items)
2. FW-11-15-4970-Auction for the disposal of Foam Waste M S Barrel , Polyol, Isocynate ,Cushion Scrap @ Hosur-28-Nov-15 (15 Items)
3. FW-11-15-4972-Auction for the disposal of DG set-28-Nov-15 (1 Items)
4. FW-11-15-4932-Auction for the disposal of Cotton Waste-30-Nov-15 (5 Items)
5. FW-11-15-4938-Auction for the disposal of Regular Production Scrap available at Hosur-30-Nov-15 (28 Items)
6. FW-11-15-4949-Auction for the disposal of Used Machinery at Bangalore-30-Nov-15 (6 Items)
7. FW-11-15-4950-Auction for the disposal of production scrap available at Bangalore-30-Nov-15 (7 Items)
8. FW-11-15-4953-Auction for disposal of Used Batteries Bank Cell, DG Sets, Used AC, Rectifiers (E-Waste) and Tower Material etc @ Ahemadabad, Bhopal, Bhiwandi, Pune-30-Nov-15 (11 Items)
9. FW-11-15-4955-Auction for the disposal of Damaged Cutting Hose -Cut Pieces (Blue & Red), Empty Paint Drum (20 Ltr.), Damaged Cylineder Trolley (Non-feasible to repair)-30-Nov-15 (34 Items)
10. FW-11-15-4957-Auction for the disposal of Scrapped Automobiles, Conveyor, Exhaust fan, Machineries @ Padi-30-Nov-15 (27 Items)
11. FW-11-15-4958-Auction for the disposal of Dolly, Holding Fixture, Bucket Testing Fixture Etc-30-Nov-15 (18 Items)
12. FW-11-15-4963-Auction for disposal of Used Batteries Bank Cell, DG Sets, Used AC, Rectifiers (E-Waste) and Tower Material etc @ Delhi, Haryana, UP, Punjab and Rajasthan-30-Nov-15 (29 Items)
13. FW-12-15-4956-Auction for the disposal of Assets @ Various Location-1-Dec-15 (10 Items)
14. FW-12-15-4965-Auction for the disposal of Used E waste items (Only TNPCB Holders to participate in the auction) available at Hosur-1-Dec-15 (2 Items)
15. FW-12-15-4967-Auction for the disposal of Used Spares-2-Dec-15 (1 Items)
16. FW-12-15-4973-Auction for the disposal of Regular production scrap available at Hosur-2-Dec-15 (20 Items)
17. FW-12-15-4959-Auction for the disposal of Motors & pumps Lot-5-Dec-15 (1 Items)
18. FW-12-15-4966-Auction for the disposal of Confiscated vehicle-16-Dec-15 (9 Items)
Building for Sale


Building for sale at Hyderabad

Building Details

Land Area-364 Sq yards
Construction area-8296 SFT
Total num of Room-50
Monthly Rent we are getting -1.80 lacs
It is suitable for ladies and gents hostel
Suitable for old age home Etc
0.5 KM distance of Bus stop and Railway station

Pls Contact

Mr. Syed Khaja Mohiddin

Cell No. (0) 8121936389 / 8143200122

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