Pl. Register by paying Rs.5,725 /- Infavor of TVS ELECTRONICS LIMITED towards annual subscription | Unused Lapp cable for sale - Contact Mr. G P.Mohan Raj - 9962932223 Used Test & Measuring Instruments Available For Sale At Chennai {Oscilloscope, Multi meter, CDOT Exchange LTC/TTC Testers, Universal AVO meter, Wattsmeter Etc,DC, Dual DC, Digital Psophometer, 3 Phase Power Analyser, Dimmerstart Autotransformer ,Rf NETWORK ANALYZER,CDMA analyzer,Terminal Traffic Generator,Spectrum Analyzer,Signal Generators,Digital Transmission Analyser}

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2000 MT Scrapped Tyres per month
Mr. RK. Balaram - 9940011423
Mr. K. Sethuraman - 9840020867

Unused Door Fitting

Unused Door Fitting for sale -
Mr. D.Jackson Jayaraj - 9600003288
Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-5-16-5467-Auction for the disposal of Foam Waste M S Barrel , Polyol, Isocynate ,Cushion Scrap @ Hosur-27-May-16 (12 Items)
2. FW-5-16-5476-Auction for the disposal of Used Machines available at Mysore-27-May-16 (1 Items)
3. FW-5-16-5477-Auction For The Disposal Of Aluminium Swarf, Aluminium Foundry Rejected, Etc @ Padi-27-May-16 (7 Items)
4. FW-5-16-5478-Auction For The Disposal Of Aluminium Swarf, Aluminium Foundry Rejected, Etc @ Oragadam-27-May-16 (5 Items)
5. FW-5-16-5479-Auction For The Disposal Of Aluminium Swarf @ M City-27-May-16 (2 Items)
6. FW-5-16-5480-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf ,MS Rejected Product Scrap , Etc {ESI & PF / Group Insurance Required for this Contract}-27-May-16 (9 Items)
7. FW-5-16-5481-Auction for the disposal of Barrel / Used Oil ( CPCB / Import & Export Certificate Required ) { ESI & PF / Group Insurance Required for this Contract )-27-May-16 (2 Items)
8. FW-5-16-5484-Auction for the disposal of MS Trimming Scrap, Scrap Cut Wheels/Disc/RIM etc available at Bawal, Haryana-27-May-16 (1 Items)
9. FW-5-16-5485-Auction for the disposal of E-Waste Items, Aluminium Scrap, Iron & Steel Scrap Etc @ Manali-27-May-16 (8 Items)
10. FW-5-16-5490-Auction for the disposal of TMT Bar Scrap and Furniture Scrap available at Delhi-27-May-16 (3 Items)
11. FW-5-16-5497-Auction for the disposal of Imperative asset items available at Hosur-28-May-16 (5 Items)
12. FW-5-16-5483-Auction for the disposal of Unused Style Touch Panel for Iris 300 available at Noida, UP-30-May-16 (1 Items)
13. FW-5-16-5494-Auction for the disposal of IT Accessories-30-May-16 (1 Items)
14. FW-5-16-5498-Auction for the disposal of Mixed Iron Scrap @ Faridabad-30-May-16 (2 Items)
15. FW-5-16-5488-Auction for the disposal of Used DG Sets, Stabilizers, Used Batteries, E-Waste, Used Shelters, Used Racks etc @-31-May-16 (26 Items)
16. FW-6-16-5495-Auction for the disposal of Turning & Boring Scrap, Melting Scrap Etc @ Diff Locations-1-Jun-16 (4 Items)
17. FW-6-16-5499-Auction for the disposal of ID Cut Round Plates @ Pondicherry-1-Jun-16 (1 Items)
18. FW-6-16-5486-Auction for the disposal of Machineries-3-Jun-16 (8 Items)
19. FW-6-16-5489-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, C.I/ steel castings, Used furniture's-3-Jun-16 (3 Items)
20. FW-6-16-5496-Auction for the disposal of Various Scrap @ Padappai-3-Jun-16 (10 Items)
21. FW-6-16-5500-Auction for the disposal of used machinery, Substation Components and miscellaneous items @ Guindy-6-Jun-16 (9 Items)
Land Sale

13 Acres of Industrial Land avl for disposal at Urse (Pune)
Close to Mumbai-Pune Express Way.

For Details   : Pl. contact
Mr. Govind Sagta@8976002120

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Roquette Riddhi Siddhi Pvt Ltd
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