Pl. Register by paying Rs.5,725 /- Infavor of TVS ELECTRONICS LIMITED towards annual subscription | Unused Lapp cable for sale - Contact Mr. G P.Mohan Raj - 9962932223 Copper Coated Aluminium wire unused imported 50 MT available at Hyderabad contact: Mr.Syed Khaja Mohideen - 08143200122 / 08121936389 Disposal of Non Performing Assets through e Auction : Contact R. K. Balaram - 9940011423

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2000 MT Scrapped Tyres per month
Mr. RK. Balaram - 9940011423
Mr. K. Sethuraman - 9840020867

Unused Door Fitting

Unused Door Fitting for sale -
Mr. D.Jackson Jayaraj - 9600003288
Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-5-16-5358-Auction for the disposal of Machineries @ Guindy-5-May-16 (21 Items)
2. FW-5-16-5388-Auction for the disposal of Machineries @ Alwar-5-May-16 (1 Items)
3. FW-5-16-5422-Auction for the disposal of Brass Boring Scrap, Component Scrap, Brass Plunger-5-May-16 (3 Items)
4. FW-5-16-5424-Auction for the disposal of Used Furniture and Container as Cabin available at JPL Seoni (MP)-5-May-16 (1 Items)
5. FW-5-16-5426-Auction for the disposal of Various Scrap @ Chennai-5-May-16 (7 Items)
6. FW-5-16-5384-Auction for the disposal of DM Plant & Fuel Handling Plant available at Mangalore-6-May-16 (2 Items)
7. FW-5-16-5403-Auction for the disposal of Oddlot Mixed Nylon, Mixed Polyster @ Diff Locations-6-May-16 (25 Items)
8. FW-5-16-5411-Auction for the disposal of SS Duplex Tubes, Bottom Tube Sheet and Shell Assembly available at Badlapur, Maharastra-6-May-16 (3 Items)
9. FW-5-16-5427-Auction for the disposal of Used oil with coolant and sludge scrap-6-May-16 (1 Items)
10. FW-5-16-5417-Auction for the disposal of Machineries @ Diff Locations-9-May-16 (4 Items)
11. FW-5-16-5418-Auction for the disposal of Various Machineries-9-May-16 (53 Items)
12. FW-5-16-5429-Auction for the disposal of Alum Burada, Alum Dros, MS Scrap, Corrugated Boxes, Drums, PVC, Polythene and Wood Scrap etc available at Bawal, Haryana-9-May-16 (14 Items)
13. FW-5-16-5361-Auction for the disposal of 13 Acres Industrial Land at Urse (Pune) Close to Mumbai-Pune Express Way-10-May-16 (1 Items)
14. FW-5-16-5423-Auction for the disposal of Cotton Comber Noils, Cotton Flat Strips @ Madurai & Ambasamuthiram-10-May-16 (4 Items)
15. FW-5-16-5434-Auction for the disposal of Used Machines available at Hosur-11-May-16 (20 Items)
16. FW-5-16-5433-Auction for the disposal of Regular production scrap available at Bangalore-12-May-16 (13 Items)
17. FW-5-16-5431-Auction for the disposal of Electrical Heated Solder oven(Furnace) @ Sriperumbudur-13-May-16 (1 Items)
Land Sale

13 Acres of Industrial Land avl for disposal at Urse (Pune)
Close to Mumbai-Pune Express Way.

For Details   : Pl. contact
Mr. Govind Sagta@8976002120

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