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1. FW-2-23-11279-Auction for Disposal of Electrodes At L & T Heavy Engineering Hazira-6-Feb-23 (12 Items)
2. FW-2-23-11290-Auction for the disposal of MISCELLANEOUS SCRAPS / @ LAB,CAD& PO plant-6-Feb-23 (28 Items)
3. FW-2-23-11302-Auction for the disposal of Alum Cable Tray, Mix- Turning Scrap, Retainer Plate, Grinding Wheels and PVC Scrap etc available at Hazira-6-Feb-23 (9 Items)
4. FW-2-23-11305-Auction for the disposal of Scrap Batteries available at Bangalore-6-Feb-23 (1 Items)
5. FW-2-23-11295-Auction for the disposal of Construction machine, equipment , used motors ,pipe & Other Scrap at Visakhapatnam - (AP)-7-Feb-23 (31 Items)
6. FW-2-23-11307-Auction for the disposal of Regular Scraps @ Sriperumbudur-7-Feb-23 (13 Items)
7. FW-2-23-11308-Auction for the disposal of Pcb Item @ Sriperumbudur-7-Feb-23 (15 Items)
8. FW-2-23-11314-Auction for the disposal of Used Lab Equipment's 1 Lot Daudnagar -Bihar-7-Feb-23 (1 Items)
9. FW-2-23-11317-Auction for the disposal of Mix Iron Scrap (Running Contract upto 31 Mar ). available at Alwar, Rajasthan-7-Feb-23 (1 Items)
10. FW-2-23-11300-Auction for the disposal of Used Machinery - Butt Welding machine, Honda portable Generator, HA Punching machine etc available at Chennai-8-Feb-23 (17 Items)
11. FW-2-23-11319-Auction for the disposal of Ms Boring, Misc Steel Scrap , and Copper Scraps @ Kanchipuram-8-Feb-23 (5 Items)
12. FW-2-23-11313-Auction for the disposal of 1.25 MVA, Transformer with accessories, Diwana -Haryana-9-Feb-23 (1 Items)
13. FW-2-23-11306-Auction for the disposal of Regular 6 months Contract material Scrap SEIPL Attibele available at Bangalore-14-Feb-23 (6 Items)
14. FW-3-23-11315-Auction for the disposal of M S Boring,, End Bits, available at Hosur-8-Mar-23 (5 Items)