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1. FW-6-22-10635-Auction for the disposal of Scrap MS/CS(Heavy & Light),SS,MS/SS Swarf,Wood,Garbage,Water mixed Oil Barrels At L & T Heavy Engineering Hazira, Gujarat-27-Jun-22 (7 Items)
2. FW-6-22-10639-Auction for the disposal of Scraps @ Sriperumbudur(Pcb Item)-27-Jun-22 (13 Items)
3. FW-6-22-10640-Auction for the disposal of Regular Scrap @ Sriperumbudur-27-Jun-22 (14 Items)
4. FW-6-22-10658-Auction for the disposal of CI Boring (3 Month Contract) @ Chennai-27-Jun-22 (1 Items)
5. FW-6-22-10659-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Borings (3 Month) at Chennai.-27-Jun-22 (1 Items)
6. FW-6-22-10662-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, MS Turning, Furnace Belt, Drums, Wooden, Grinding Wheels, and Carbide, and Bronz Bush etc available at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan-27-Jun-22 (24 Items)
7. FW-6-22-10663-Auction for the disposal of Monitor, Face Plate ,Keyboard Etc @ Manapakkam-27-Jun-22 (1 Items)
8. FW-6-22-10654-Auction for the disposal of Regular Scrap Items on Contract available at Hazira, Gujarat-28-Jun-22 (32 Items)
9. FW-6-22-10660-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, CI Boring, PVC/ Polythene, Cans and Drums, Used Oil and Battery Scrap etc available at Mandideep, MP-28-Jun-22 (20 Items)
10. FW-6-22-10665-Auction for the disposal of Tie Bar,Gearbox & E-waste @ Padi-28-Jun-22 (16 Items)
11. FW-6-22-10652-Auction for the disposal of wood,SS,Ms Turnings,M.S MISCELLANEOUS SCRAP @ Maraimalai Nagar-29-Jun-22 (4 Items)
12. FW-6-22-10661-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, Gatta, Polythene, Drums and PVC Scrap etc available at Mohali Plant-29-Jun-22 (32 Items)
13. FW-6-22-10656-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Boring,MS Boring etc.. @ Sriperumbudur-30-Jun-22 (4 Items)
14. FW-6-22-10657-Auction for the disposal of Heavy Melting Scrap ,MS TURNINGS , BORINGS ,End cutting sheets ,MS Gascut Plates, Coil in end bit form, welding dross, CV / DC Defaced Rims & MS Gascut sections(2 Months ) Contract @ Chennai-30-Jun-22 (17 Items)
15. FW-6-22-10664-Auction for the disposal of Buttoning ,Dust Chips ,Zinc Dross Etc @ Kanchipuram-30-Jun-22 (5 Items)
16. FW-7-22-10651-Auction for the disposal of Used Machinery @ Maraimalai Nagar-7-Jul-22 (15 Items)