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1. FW-4-24-13014-Auction for the disposal of Machines/ Equiment/ Assets (List attached) available at Alwar, Rajasthan-23-Apr-24 (25 Items)
2. FW-4-24-13020-Auction for the disposal of Used Scrap Equipment / Vehicle- DG- Pupms At: Po: Mayapur (Pipalkoti) | Dist: Chamoli | Uttarakhand-23-Apr-24 (39 Items)
3. FW-4-24-13022-Auction for the disposal of Regular production Scrap 3 months contract available at Hosur-23-Apr-24 (8 Items)
4. FW-4-24-13029-Auction for the disposal of Relay Brass and e waste items available at Mysuru-23-Apr-24 (3 Items)
5. FW-4-24-13031-Auction for the disposal of MS Boring,Rejected Components etc @ PUDHUCHERRY-23-Apr-24 (2 Items)
6. FW-4-24-13033-Auction for the disposal of GALVANISED IRON ( GI) CUT PIECES, MS STRUCTURES PIPE CUT PIECES,BAZZAR SCRAP & ASSORETED SCRAP -FRP, GLASS,WOOD MATERIALS MS, ALUMINUM , PVC AND ETC  etc.available at Viralimalai Plant-23-Apr-24 (8 Items)
7. FW-4-24-13034-Auction for the disposal of Copper Brass Burr , SS Martial&Hss Pins,Aluminium,ALLOY STEEL PINS,Copper-24-Apr-24 (35 Items)
8. FW-4-24-13035-Auction for the disposal of Tower & Laptops ( to be dismantled) available at Hosur-24-Apr-24 (3 Items)
9. FW-4-24-13038-Auction for the disposal of Unplated Wip, Plated FG & GI Coated Coil available at Bangalore-24-Apr-24 (3 Items)
10. FW-4-24-13042-Auction for the disposal of Miscellaneous Scraps @Madhavaram (Chennai)-24-Apr-24 (8 Items)
11. FW-4-24-13045-Auction for the disposal of CYLINDER HEAD GASKET available at Pant Nagar, Uttrakhand-24-Apr-24 (1 Items)
12. FW-4-24-13026-Auction for the disposal of 600MM DIA Turboventilator available at Gujarat-25-Apr-24 (1 Items)
13. FW-4-24-13027-Auction for the disposal of Air conditioners available at Jamshedpur-25-Apr-24 (1 Items)
14. FW-4-24-13037-Auction for the disposal of Melting Scrap ,Re Rolling Boring,Ms Structural ,Etc @ Kanchipuram-25-Apr-24 (7 Items)
15. FW-4-24-13048-Auction for the disposal of Winding,Slit OffCut,End Bits HR,End Bits CR @ Ennore-25-Apr-24 (8 Items)
16. FW-4-24-13049-Auction for the disposal of 215 MT -Structural Steel Scrap L&T Hazira 4 Location - (GJ)-25-Apr-24 (1 Items)
17. FW-4-24-13050-Auction for the disposal of 60 MT -Structural Steel Scrap - Goodluck Plant - Bulandshahr - (UP)-25-Apr-24 (1 Items)
18. FW-4-24-13040-Auction for the disposal of C R Scrap, 301 S S Scrap, 304 S S Scrap, G I Scrap available at Dharwad-26-Apr-24 (4 Items)
19. FW-4-24-13043-Auction for the disposal of Used Machines & Assets at Attibele Bangalore-29-Apr-24 (20 Items)
1. FW-4-24-13041-Auction for the disposal of Regular&Hazadous Scraps @ Sriperumbudur-23-Apr-24 (12 Items)
2. FW-4-24-13047-Auction for the disposal of Hazardous Scraps& Regular Scraps-24-Apr-24 (14 Items)