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Upcoming Auctions

1. FW-12-19-8484-Auction for the disposal of E-Waste Scrap (IT Peripherals) available at Ahmedabad and Jaipur-10-Dec-19 (3 Items)
2. FW-12-19-8509-Auction for the disposal of MS Solid, Rejected Components and Boring Turning Scrap available at Pant Nagar and Rurdrapur-10-Dec-19 (5 Items)
3. FW-12-19-8488-Auction for the disposal of Used Machines available at Bangalore-11-Dec-19 (4 Items)
4. FW-12-19-8473-Auction for the disposal of Boilers & Accessories at Bangalore-12-Dec-19 (1 Items)
5. FW-12-19-8492-Auction for the disposal of Hazardous Items @ Hosur-12-Dec-19 (8 Items)
6. FW-12-19-8490-Auction for the disposal of Scraped Dies, available at Kolhapur-13-Dec-19 (1 Items)
7. FW-12-19-8494-Auction for the disposal of Ferrous / Non Ferrous/ @HCD,PO & LAB PLANT-13-Dec-19 (8 Items)
8. FW-12-19-8510-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, MS Turning, Furnace Belt, Drums, Wooden, Grinding Wheels, and Carbide, Cable Scrap and Bronz Bush etc available at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan-13-Dec-19 (22 Items)
9. FW-12-19-8496-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED NON FERROUS ITEMS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (10 Items)
10. FW-12-19-8497-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED M.S.ITEMS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (11 Items)
11. FW-12-19-8498-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED WOOD ITEMS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (2 Items)
12. FW-12-19-8499-Auction for the disposal of WASTE CARDBOARD @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (1 Items)
13. FW-12-19-8500-Auction for the disposal of WASTE PLASTIC COVERS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (1 Items)
14. FW-12-19-8501-Auction for the disposal of RUBBISH/WASTE PAPER RUBBISH/WASTE PAPER @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (1 Items)
15. FW-12-19-8502-Auction for the disposal of USED/WASTEOIL USED / WASTEOIL @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (2 Items)
16. FW-12-19-8503-Auction for the disposal of EMPTY CONTAINERS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (12 Items)
17. FW-12-19-8504-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED BATTERIES @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (2 Items)
18. FW-12-19-8505-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED TOOLS SCRAPPED TOOLS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (15 Items)
19. FW-12-19-8506-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED COMPUTER ITEMS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (2 Items)
20. FW-12-19-8507-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED TWO WHEELER PARTS/OTHER ITEMS @ Mysore-16-Dec-19 (24 Items)
21. FW-12-19-8511-Auction for the disposal of Iron, copper and Alum Scrap available at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh-16-Dec-19 (10 Items)
22. FW-12-19-8493-Auction for the disposal of Regular Items on contract at Ashok Leyland Unit 2 Hosur-17-Dec-19 (34 Items)
23. FW-12-19-8512-Auction for the disposal of TMT,Structural Steel,MS Scrap at Kota(Rajasthan)-18-Dec-19 (12 Items)
24. FW-12-19-8513-Auction for the disposal of Scrap Construction Assets at Kota-19-Dec-19 (1 Items)
25. FW-12-19-8508-Auction for the disposal of Various Scraps @ Madurai-20-Dec-19 (27 Items)
1. FW-12-19-8479-Auction for the disposal of Scrap Die Steel & Zamac Casting at Hosur-10-Dec-19 (3 Items)