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Pl. Register by paying Rs.5,900 /- Infavor of TVS ELECTRONICS LIMITED towards annual subscription - Contact No- +91 9884929344 /9655423263 Open Box / Customer return Redmi mobiles available for disposal.For details: visit : Contact : Sujatha Pawar 9535500897 / K Sethuraman 9840020867 for further details

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Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-9-18-7566-Auction for the disposal of Scrap Items on Contract at Ashok Leyland Unit 1 at Hosur-24-Sep-18 (33 Items)
2. FW-9-18-7576-Auction for the disposal of Mixed tool scrap available at Hosur-24-Sep-18 (2 Items)
3. FW-9-18-7585-Auction for the disposal of One Time Scrap @ Padi-24-Sep-18 (6 Items)
4. FW-9-18-7586-Auction for the disposal of Miscellaneous Scraps @ Ambattur-24-Sep-18 (34 Items)
5. FW-9-18-7571-Auction for the disposal of of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap, Etc-25-Sep-18 (7 Items)
6. FW-9-18-7572-Auction for the disposal of Used Oil & Barrel-25-Sep-18 (2 Items)
7. FW-9-18-7581-Auction for the disposal of E-Waste and Used DG Sets, Used BB Sets, Tower Scrap and Used Shelter etc-25-Sep-18 (10 Items)
8. FW-9-18-7568-Auction for the disposal of Gunny Bags, Poly Bags, MS Scrap and Drums etc available at Nashik, Sangali, Nagpur, and Wardha-26-Sep-18 (41 Items)
9. FW-9-18-7587-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Boring @ Chennai-26-Sep-18 (1 Items)
10. FW-9-18-7588-Auction for the disposal of CI Boring @ Chennai-26-Sep-18 (1 Items)
11. FW-9-18-7589-Auction for the disposal of MS Boring @ Chennai-26-Sep-18 (1 Items)
12. FW-9-18-7582-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, Alum, Copper, Wood, PVC, Polythene, and Garbage etc available at Vill Dhankot, Gurgaon-27-Sep-18 (13 Items)
13. FW-9-18-7583-Auction for the disposal of One time Disposal of Tool steel, panel boards, Maintenance scrap, Batteries, Carbide etc - available at Hosur-27-Sep-18 (11 Items)
14. FW-9-18-7584-Auction for the disposal of MS Punching, MS Boring, various production scrap materials ( 1month contract) available at Hosur-27-Sep-18 (5 Items)
15. FW-9-18-7557-Auction for the disposal of Tyres & Axle casings at Ashok Leyland unit 2 Hosur-28-Sep-18 (14 Items)
16. FW-9-18-7559-Auction for the disposal of scrap items on quarterly contract at Ashok Leyland unit 2 Hosur-28-Sep-18 (33 Items)
17. FW-9-18-7560-Auction for the disposal of scrap wood on contract at Ashok Leyland unit 2 Hosur-28-Sep-18 (1 Items)
18. FW-9-18-7570-Auction for the disposal of Heavy Melting Scrap ,MS TURNINGS , BORINGS ,End cutting sheets ,MS Gascut Plates, Coil in end bit form, welding dross, CV / DC Defaced Rims & MS Gascut sections-28-Sep-18 (17 Items)
19. FW-9-18-7574-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Turning & Boring, Aluminium Scrap Mutilated, CI Turnings & Borings & Empty Drums Etc available at Alwar, Rajasthan-28-Sep-18 (15 Items)
20. FW-9-18-7580-Auction for the disposal of Regular production scrap available at Hosur-28-Sep-18 (29 Items)
21. FW-10-18-7579-Auction for the disposal of Regular production Scrap available at Hosur-1-Oct-18 (13 Items)




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Procurement Auction

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