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Current Auction

Normal Auction
1. FW-10-18-7591-Demo Auctions-31-Dec-18 (4 Items)

Upcoming Auctions

1. FW-12-18-7711-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED NON FERROUS ITEMS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (10 Items)
2. FW-12-18-7712-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED M.S.ITEMS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (11 Items)
3. FW-12-18-7713-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED WOOD ITEMS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (2 Items)
4. FW-12-18-7714-Auction for the disposal of WASTE CARDBOARD @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (1 Items)
5. FW-12-18-7715-Auction for the disposal of WASTE PLASTIC COVERS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (1 Items)
6. FW-12-18-7716-Auction for the disposal of RUBBISH/WASTE PAPER RUBBISH/WASTE PAPER @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (1 Items)
7. FW-12-18-7717-Auction for the disposal of USED/WASTEOIL USED / WASTEOIL @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (2 Items)
8. FW-12-18-7718-Auction for the disposal of EMPTY CONTAINERS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (13 Items)
9. FW-12-18-7719-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED BATTERIES @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (2 Items)
10. FW-12-18-7720-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED TOOLS SCRAPPED TOOLS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (15 Items)
11. FW-12-18-7721-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED COMPUTER ITEMS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (2 Items)
12. FW-12-18-7722-Auction for the disposal of SCRAPPED TWO WHEELER PARTS/OTHER ITEMS @ Mysore-17-Dec-18 (24 Items)
13. FW-12-18-7723-Auction for the disposal of Rusted Cold Rolled Coil at Ashok Leyland CPPS-17-Dec-18 (1 Items)
14. FW-12-18-7729-Auction for the disposal of Corrugated Boxes, MS Scrap, Alum Scrap, Wood, Iron and Garbage Scrap, available at Pant Nagar-17-Dec-18 (5 Items)
15. FW-12-18-7735-Auction for the disposal of Mould-17-Dec-18 (2 Items)
16. FW-12-18-7746-Auction for the disposal of Mixed Scrap & Electrical panels at RJY & KDM-17-Dec-18 (2 Items)
17. FW-12-18-7728-Auction for the disposal of Paper and Carton Scrap, Drums (PVC & Iron), MS Scrap, Garbage, Wood, Alum and Iron Scrap, Polythene, Copper Scrap, available at Lucknow-18-Dec-18 (12 Items)
18. FW-12-18-7747-Auction for the disposal of E-Waste, Used DG Sets, BB Cell-18-Dec-18 (29 Items)
19. FW-12-18-7748-Auction for the disposal of Copper Tube, Plastic etc @ Kancheepuram [Contract Valid Up To 25/12/2018]-18-Dec-18 (3 Items)
20. FW-12-18-7752-Auction for the disposal of 60 KVA Transformmer with isolator at Yelahanka(Bangalore)-18-Dec-18 (1 Items)
21. FW-12-18-7725-Auction for the disposal of Paper and Carton Scrap, Drums (PVC & Iron), MS Scrap, Wood, Alum and Iron Swarf and Garbage Scrap available at Jamshedpur-19-Dec-18 (13 Items)
22. FW-12-18-7731-Auction for the disposal of Used Cars @ Chennai-19-Dec-18 (6 Items)
23. FW-12-18-7732-Auction for the disposal of Raw Material @ Chennai-19-Dec-18 (2 Items)
24. FW-12-18-7759-Auction for the disposal of Various Scraps-19-Dec-18 (26 Items)
25. FW-12-18-7745-Auction for the disposal of Boilers with Turbine,Sheet Cutters,CIO2 plant at Rajamaundry.-20-Dec-18 (5 Items)
26. FW-12-18-7742-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, MS Turning, Furnace Belt, Drums, Wooden, Grinding Wheels, and Carbide, Cable Scrap and Bronz Bush etc available at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan-24-Dec-18 (19 Items)
27. FW-12-18-7750-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap, Etc-26-Dec-18 (8 Items)
28. FW-12-18-7751-Auction for the disposal of Used oil & Barrel-26-Dec-18 (2 Items)
29. FW-12-18-7755-Auction for the disposal of MS Boring-26-Dec-18 (1 Items)
30. FW-12-18-7757-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Boring-26-Dec-18 (1 Items)
31. FW-12-18-7758-Auction for the disposal of CI Boring-26-Dec-18 (1 Items)
32. FW-12-18-7724-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Turning & Boring, Aluminium Scrap Mutilated, CI Turnings & Borings & Empty Drums Etc available at Alwar, Rajasthan-27-Dec-18 (15 Items)
33. FW-12-18-7760-Auction for the disposal of Gunny Bags, Poly Bags, Drums and Jerry Cans, Egg Trays and Boxes available at Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Ghonda, Hapur, Chandauli and Amethi-27-Dec-18 (22 Items)
34. FW-12-18-7756-Auction for the disposal of Heavy Melting Scrap ,MS TURNINGS , BORINGS ,End cutting sheets ,MS Gascut Plates, Coil in end bit form, welding dross, CV / DC Defaced Rims & MS Gascut sections-28-Dec-18 (17 Items)
1. FW-12-18-7744-Auction for the disposal of Disposal 0f Scrap Items on contract at Ashok Leyland Unit 2 Hosur.-22-Dec-18 (46 Items)