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1. FW-3-23-11437-Auction for the disposal of Aluminum Turning & Boring, Aluminum Scrap Mutilated, CI Turnings & Borings & Empty Drums Etc available at Alwar, Rajasthan-27-Mar-23 (15 Items)
2. FW-3-23-11453-Auction for the disposal of Used Engines, Radiators and Fuel Injection Pumps available at Alwar, Rajasthan-27-Mar-23 (20 Items)
3. FW-3-23-11477-Auction for Disposal of MS(Heavy/Light),SS,Welded & Seam less Pipes,Wood Garbage,Copper Cables,Insulation scrap etc on contract at L & T Energy Hydrocarbon Hazira-27-Mar-23 (40 Items)
4. FW-3-23-11487-Auction for the disposal of various scrap items @ Bangalore-27-Mar-23 (4 Items)
5. FW-3-23-11490-Auction for Disposal of Transition Ducts & Corten & CR Steel at L & T Howden Hazira-27-Mar-23 (2 Items)
6. FW-3-23-11500-Auction for the Disposal of SS Scraps,Copper,Metal Scraps ,Wooden Scraps etc @ Coimbatore-27-Mar-23 (1 Items)
7. FW-3-23-11503-Auction for the disposal of Regular Production scrap- 3 months contract material ( only KSPCB holders to Participate) Etc available at Bangalore-27-Mar-23 (3 Items)
8. FW-3-23-11504-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap, Etc @ Mahindracity-27-Mar-23 (8 Items)
9. FW-3-23-11505-Auction for the disposal of Used Oil & Empty Barrel @ Mahindracity-27-Mar-23 (2 Items)
10. FW-3-23-11457-Auction for the disposal of Used Machines available at Bawal, Haryana-28-Mar-23 (9 Items)
11. FW-3-23-11470-Auction for the disposal of Bolt Vent Hole Punching (HMS), M. S. Punching of CV/LCV , Centre Punch of Tr. Line Corner Punching of LP/LT Line & M.S.SCRAP LEASER CUTTING, MS Turning, Boring - 800 MT ( 1 Month Contract APRIL 2023) at Pune-28-Mar-23 (13 Items)
12. FW-3-23-11482-Auction for the disposal of MS Scrap, MS Swarf, Alum Scrap, Alum Swarf, Corrugated Boxes, Drums, Wood and PVC scrap etc available at Bawal, Haryana-28-Mar-23 (20 Items)
13. FW-3-23-11486-Auction for the disposal of HOnning machin, Laser making machine, Fume killer,Broching Machine etc. @ Pune-28-Mar-23 (4 Items)
14. FW-3-23-11493-Auction for the disposal of Used Machines, M.S Furnace Oil Tank, Aluminium Gate, Bin Washing Machine and Heat Pump Etc available at Mandideep, MP-28-Mar-23 (15 Items)
15. FW-3-23-11501-Auction for the disposal of Corrugated Box Scrap, Wood, PVC Patti at Sanand, Gujarat-28-Mar-23 (3 Items)
16. FW-3-23-11506-Auction for the disposal of MS Binding Wires , Burnt Bars ,Ms Boring etc (1 Month)-28-Mar-23 (6 Items)
17. FW-3-23-11509-Auction for the disposal of Miscellaneous Scraps @ Ambattur(3 Months Contract)-28-Mar-23 (32 Items)
18. FW-3-23-11498-Auction for the disposal of Scrap used Machine & Equipment / DG / Welding Transformer etc  Daudnagar -Bihar-29-Mar-23 (36 Items)
19. FW-3-23-11508-Auction for the disposal of 509 MT MS Scrap, SS Scrap Magnetic grade, SS & MS MIX Scrap available at SANAND/NASHIK/CHAKAN/CHENNAI (APRIL MONTH)-29-Mar-23 (25 Items)
20. FW-3-23-11510-Auction for the disposal of Miscellaneous Scraps @ MAHINDRA CITY (3 Month Contract)-29-Mar-23 (28 Items)
21. FW-3-23-11494-Auction for the disposal of Bridge Builders febricated structu Steel Murshidabad West Bengal-30-Mar-23 (1 Items)
22. FW-3-23-11495-Auction for the disposal of Scrap used Wooden & Table , Chair , Machine etc  Daudnagar -Bihar-30-Mar-23 (18 Items)
23. FW-3-23-11496-Auction for the disposal of Chilling Plant Structure SCRAP ( Approx 51 MT ) Khandkhala Tehri Garhwal | Uttarakhand-30-Mar-23 (2 Items)
24. FW-3-23-11499-Auction for the disposal of Barrels ,Carbouys and Other Items @ KANCHEEPURAM-30-Mar-23 (44 Items)
25. FW-3-23-11497-Auction for the disposal of TATA -MAHINDRA -ASHOK LEYLAND- VEHICLE & MACHINE KHANDKHALA Tehri Garhwal | Uttarakhand-31-Mar-23 (6 Items)