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1. FW-1-20-8605-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap, Etc-27-Jan-20 (5 Items)
2. FW-1-20-8606-Auction for the disposal of Used oil & Barrel-27-Jan-20 (2 Items)
3. FW-1-20-8608-Auction for the disposal of Used Tractor-27-Jan-20 (2 Items)
4. FW-1-20-8610-Auction for the disposal of MS Punching, MS Boring, various production scrap materials ( 1month contract) available at Hosur-27-Jan-20 (5 Items)
5. FW-1-20-8591-Auction for the disposal of Construction Equipments at Vishnugad Mayapur(Uttarakhand)-28-Jan-20 (9 Items)
6. FW-1-20-8611-Auction for the disposal of Tyres,Batteries,Regular Items at Ashok Leyland Unit 2 Hosur-28-Jan-20 (20 Items)
7. FW-1-20-8613-Auction for the disposal of Scraps-28-Jan-20 (11 Items)
8. FW-1-20-8614-Auction for the disposal of Scraps-28-Jan-20 (22 Items)
9. FW-1-20-8615-Auction for the disposal of Regular production scrap 6 months contract available at Mysore-28-Jan-20 (22 Items)
10. FW-1-20-8616-Auction for the disposal of KGK Inkjet Printer in Working Condition at Arakkonam-29-Jan-20 (1 Items)
11. FW-1-20-8617-Auction for the disposal of Motors & Panels at Arakkonam(Tamilnadu)-29-Jan-20 (2 Items)
12. FW-1-20-8619-Auction for the disposal of Regular production Scrap 4 months contract available at Hosur-29-Jan-20 (13 Items)
13. FW-1-20-8620-Auction for the disposal of Used Survey Instruments-29-Jan-20 (1 Items)
14. FW-1-20-8623-Auction for the disposal of MS,SS,GI,Tipper,Bikes near Bagalkot-30-Jan-20 (7 Items)
15. FW-1-20-8626-Auction for the disposal of scrap Ferrous / Non Ferrous/ @ Pondicherry Plant-31-Jan-20 (11 Items)
1. FW-1-20-8618-Auction for the disposal of One time available at Hosur-27-Jan-20 (6 Items)