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General Help

General Help for New Users


Why should I register?

As visitors you are free to browse through all sections of the site. However registration will enable you to make complete use of all the features the site has to offer. Further, as registered users you will also receive periodic site updates and notifications relating to your specific industry. Registration is free.

How should I register?

For registering please go to the register section on our site, fill in the form provided and click on the submit button. If you have given your Email address you will receive a confirmation with your user name and password soon after you register. Registration is free.

What if I forget my user name and/or password?

After you register with us we will be sending you an email with your user name and password. You can refer this mail in case you forget; else you may register once again with a new login name.

Auction Help

Auction Help for Buyers

Am I eligible to participate in an auction?

In order to participate in an auction, you would a) need to be a registered member of the site and b) pre-qualify yourself for the auction. Every auction will have its own requirements for qualification. 

How will I come to know of upcoming auctions?

Previews of upcoming auctions will be posted well ahead of the auction date on our site. As registered members you will also receive instant notifications about upcoming auctions.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in any item that is up for auction, kindly go through the terms and conditions for the same on our site and get yourself qualified for the auction. This would normally involve sending us a demand draft for a certain refundable amount along with a copy of the auction's terms and conditions duly signed.

How do I bid?

For bidding for a particular item, you would first need to select the item of your choice from the list provided. On doing so you will see a detailed description of the item along with the minimum bid amount as well as the minimum incremental bid. Your bid amount has to be equal to or exceed the minimum amount and subsequent bids will have to increase either by or over the incremental bid amount specified. After specifying the bid amount click on the bid now button and reload the page.

What is e-agent?

e-agent is a facility that enables proxy bidding. In case you have a maximum price in your mind for an item, you can specify that amount in the e-agent box. This will save you the trouble of having to increase your bids from time to time. The computer will bid on your behalf in minimum incremental amounts as and when you are outbid. There is no limit for the e-agent amount. Further, your e-agent amount will not be known to anyone else. The minimum bid increment condition is not valid for e-agents while making their final bid (ie, the last bid for that e-agent amount).

What is bid history and bid status?

Bid history is a historical account of the bids made so far in the order they have been made. Bid status shows the status of your current bid vis-à-vis the highest bid made by the other bidders.

What is alter name?

You can choose an alternative name for yourself in the alter name box provided in the bid page. This is the name that will be seen by others against your bid. In case you do not choose an alter name your login name would be seen against your bid. An alter name is a method you can use to disguise your identity if you so desire. Please remember that once you choose an alter name the first time you bid, it cannot be changed thereafter.

What is a reserve price?

Reserve price is a minimum amount set by the seller below which he is under no obligation to sell the item. The reserve price will not be disclosed to the buyers.

How will I know if I am outbid?

The bid status screen will give you your position vis-à-vis other highest bidders. Apart from this we will also be sending you e-mail alerts the moment you are outbid.